M.Sc., PhD.
Joined Silapathar Science College on 05 Jan, 2021
Expert in leveraging in-depth knowledge and to provide relevant information and first-hand experiences. Known for great personable demeanor and strong work ethic. Modern Lecturer with extensive knowledge of integrating technology into classrooms for increased student interest. Knowledge of the principles, theories, methods and practices of botany and invasive species management. Analyze biological data and to maintains databases and ensures completion of data entry and reporting requirements.
Research Interest:
Plant Physiology, Environmental Biology
Specialized Courses:
Biochemical Techniques, Molecular Techniques, Plant Tissue Culture, Plant Taxonomy


1) Zakir Hussain Malik and K. C. Ravindran. 2018. Morphological and antioxidant responses of Suaeda monoica on phytoextraction of paper mill effluent. Research in Environment and Life Sciences., 11 (06): 177-181

2) Zakir Hussain Malik and K. C. Ravindran. 2018. Biochemical tolerance of Suaeda maritima L. (Dumort) as a potential species for phytoextracting heavy metal and salt in paper mill effluent contaminated soil. Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics., 8(6-s): 241-245

3) Zakir Hussain Malik, K. Chellappan Ravindran and Ganesan Sathiyaraj. Phytoremediation: A novel strategy and Eco- Friendly Green technology for removal of toxic metals.International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Research.,3(1): 1-18

4) Ganesan Sathiyaraj, K. Chellappan Ravindran and Zakir Hussain Malik.Physicochemical characteristics of textile dye Effluent collected from Erode, Pallipalayam and Bhavani polluted regions, Tamil Nadu, India.Journal of Ecobiotechnologg.,9: 1-4.

5) Zakir Hussain Malik and K. C. Ravindran.Bioaccumulation of salts and heavy metals by Suaeda monoica a salt marsh halophyte from paper mill effluent contaminated soil .International Journal of scientific & Technology Research 9(3)2020

6) Zakir Hussain Malik, Kirti Jain, K. C. Ravindran and G. Sathiyaraj. In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity and Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis Of Berberis aristata. International Journal of Ethnobiology & Ethnomedicine


1. National Conference on “ Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities in Plant Science Research” organized by Department of Botany, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, between 18th and 19th March 2016.

2. National Seminar on “Recent Advances in Plant Science Research (RAPSR)” organized by Department of Botany, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu held on 21 and 22 March 2017.

3. 10th NABS National Conference on “Recent Trends in Life Sciences: Research, Practices and Application for Sustainable Development” organized by Department of Botany and Zoology, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, held during 7-8th September 2017.

4. National Seminar on “Challenges and Advances in Microbology (CAM)” organized by the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Annamalai university, Tamil Nadu held on 1st and 2nd Feburary 2018.

5. National Seminar on “Current Scenario in Plant Science Research (CSPSR)” organized by Department of Botany, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu held on 26th and 27th Feburary 2018.

6. National Seminar on “Abiotic Stress Agriculture: Constraints and Strategies” organized by Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Faculty of Agriculture, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, held on 6th and 7th March 2018.

7. International Conference on “Recent Scenario in Plant Science Research-Climate Change and its Associated Variations (ICRSPSR)” organized by Department of Botany, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu between 23 and 25 march 2018.

8. 9th NABS National Conference on “New Biological Research: Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainable Development” organized by School of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai and National academy of Biological Sciences (NABS), Chennai held on 11th and 12th August 2016.


1. 5 days “Entrepreneurship awareness campy” organized by Government Science and Commerce College Benazir, Bhopal under the Sponsorship of NSTEDB, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi between 26- 30 March 2015.

2. 7 days UGC sponsored “Prof. K.S. Sonachalam Memorial XXV inter- disciplinary Research Methodology” Workshop Organized by Department of Economics, Annamalai University, from 25th to 31 March 2016.

3. Two days Workshop on “Paper Publication” Organized by Department of Physics, wing (DDE), Annamalai University, from 16th to 17th December 2016.

4. One day Training Programme on “Communication Skills For Career Guidance and Counseling” conducted by Training and Placement Cell, Department of Botany, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu on 7th of March 2017

5. One day “Workshop on Digital Agriculture” Organized by the Department of Botany, Annamalai University, on 24th August 2017.

6. One day work shop on “Becoming Arabidopsis Biologists” Organized by the Department of Botany, Annamalai University, on 7th February 2018.

7. Dr. Ambedkar Chair Two days Research Methodology Workshop on “ Hands-On Experience in SPSS Statistical Tool” conducted by Dr. Ambedkar Chair, Annamalai University on 15th and 16th February 2018


1. RAJYA PURASKAR award, awarded by the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir on 19.06. 2007 for the survice of mankind under the banner of The Bharat Scouts and Guides.

2. UGC-BSR-SAP Fellow (2015-2019) awarded by University Grants Commission, New Delhi, India