Mr Prabhat Baruah

Joined Silapathar Science College on 02 Nov, 2020
Research Interest:
Molecular Mechanism of Dietary Lipids and Environmental Toxicants on Human Health.
Specialized Courses:
Organic Chemistry

Educational Qualification

Graduate Degree : 2017(Major Chemistry) from Silapathar Science College, Amritpur

Post Graduate Degree : 2020 Chemistry Specialization with Organic Chemistry from Assam

                                          Kaziranga University, Jorhat.


1. One day workshop on Artificial intelligence in Drug Discovery,

    Organized by-CSIR- NEIST, Jorhat , 1st sept, 2020.

2. international Virtual Workshop on Seismology & Tectonics (Why is it hard to Earthquakes) : Estimating Catalog Completeness, Organized by   CSIR- NEIST, Jorhat, 14th sept,2020.


Webinars Attained

1. "Awareness about Green Chemistry and Nanotechnology" Organization by Dept. of Chemistry, Krishnath College, Berhmapur, 17th sept,2020              

2. "Organic and Analytical Chemistry Applications in Industry" Organized by Dept. of Chemistry, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar, 9th Oct 2020