Dr Jitu Gogoi

M.Sc., Ph.D.
Joined Silapathar Science College on 28 Sep, 2010
With a Masters in Botany from Nagpur University, Maharashtra and Doctorate (PhD) of Assam University, I am with Silapathar Science College since 28.09.2010 and teaching in both Undergraduate & Post Graduate Department of Botany. I teach courses like Mycology and pathology, Microbiology, Phycology and Pterology. I have been additionally appointed as Co -coordinator for PG department of Botany & Zoology, college orchidarium, Eco- Club(Assam Science Technology & Environment Council, Guwahati).
Research Interest:
Mycology, Plant Pathology, Biodiversity and Orchidology
Specialized Courses:
Applied Mycology & Plant Pathology


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  1. Wild orchid propagation and conservation in NE, India(2019)  held in orchid germplasm  conservation center, Tinsukia -  Sponsored by  the NGO orchid society of Assam.
  2. Conservation of wild orchids in Assam (2020) held at  Head office of orchid society of Assam,  Silapathar -  sponsored by orchid society of Assam.


  1. Coordinator of  Eco Club sponsored by MoEF, New Delhi.
  2. Coordinator of   College Rice Bank & Orchidarium. 
  3. Coordinator of Post Graduate Department of Botany and Zoology affiliated to Assam Science & Technology University, Guwahati.